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The Goal: to paint a life size portrait every other day for the summer of 2021

The Concept: a historical portrait project; a document to our living history. It is my antidote to lock down, an opportunity to be human together. My main interest lies in offering the experience of being painted, to be seen, and share stories after a time where we were so separate. This is an act of healing.

The People: I am choosing people who make this place, the outer cape. Some come by themselves, some in pairs, to my home studio the Ouroboros Gallery.
The symbol of the Ouroboros, (the snake eating its own tail,) has the meaning, to return to origin. For three hours my subject/s and I share time. We talk about our beginnings, how we ended up here, all the jobs we’ve had to make it here, what we love about this place and so much more.

The Title: Movers Shakers and Makers .

The more sessions I have, the more I realize, that everyone represented is all three.

The Documentation: The conversations during each one of the sessions are taped . These recorded transcripts will be used to create contextual biographies that will be coupled with each painting. The conversations are bright and personal and hilarious and I believe will be a wonderful read. In addition to a voice recording, I film a time lapse videos of each session.
These films turn 3 hours to 30 seconds and give the viewer an understanding of my progress.

The Exhibition: The paintings first stop will be the Commons in Provincetown August 24 through September 4th.
A proposal has been put in to PAAM for an exhibition and it awaiting approval.

The Book: This project is still in its early phases… A composite will be put together and proposals will be made to local press in the fall.

The Paintings: Each painting needs a home. Please inquire if interested. They will be sold directly through me.

Participation: This project can be seen on Instagram @ouroborosgallery.

Thank you for following this project as it takes shape and gains traction. Please contact me with any inquiries, questions or suggestions.

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